PocketBet’s Sport Specific Betting Rules

1. Horse Racing

1.1. All markets will be settled according to the official “weighed-in” result. Subsequent appeals or amendments to the result will not be taken into consideration.

1.2. If a race is abandoned or declared “void”, or in the event of a walkover, or if the scheduled venue is changed after the market has been loaded by PocketBet, or if the race does not take part on its scheduled day, all bets on that race will be void.

1.3. Horses are identified by their names only. Bets placed on a named runner will count for that runner only regardless of race-card number, jockey name, silks, or any other information. Additional information is provided for guidance only and no warranties are made as to the accuracy of this information.

1.4. If the scheduled surface type is changed, all bets will stand.

1.5. PocketBet reserves the right to use its judgment should an incident that falls outside of these rules occur.

1.6. Horses will not be coupled.

1.7. Any horse running for purse money only will be deemed as a non-runner for betting purposes. If this results in the number of possible winners being greater than the relevant number of runners in the market, all bets on this market will be void.

1.8. PocketBet allows horse racing bets on "Win" and "Place" markets. A bet on the "Win" market is a bet on the winner of the race. A bet on the "Place" market is a bet on which horses will finish in the top X places, where X is determined on each race as explained in section 2.1.

2. Horse Racing Place Markets

2.1. The number of winners in “place” markets will be determined by PocketBet based on the number of runners and is shown in brackets next to the bet type in the market list and in the betslip.

2.2. If a horse is withdrawn from a race and becomes a non-runner, the number of winners in “place” markets will not be affected.

2.3. If the number of places offered is equal to or greater than the number of runners, all bets in this place market will be void.

3. Reduction Factors

3.1. The Non-Runner Rule is the equivalent to the rule 4 deductions employed by racecourse bookmakers and determines what happens when a horse is withdrawn from a race. Any horse listed when the relevant market is loaded which does not subsequently come under starter’s orders is deemed to be a non-runner.

3.2. When a horse is deemed to be a non-runner, all bets on that horse will be void.

3.3. Each horse in a market is given a reduction factor at the time the market is loaded based on PocketBet’s estimate of that horse’s chance of winning. These reduction factors may be updated at any time at the discretion of PocketBet (including post-race), and will also be reviewed and updated whenever a horse is withdrawn.

3.4. Reduction factors will be made to both win and place markets but applied differently, as described below, and the reduction factor will differ for each market.

3.5. In the “Win” market, any open bets on that market will be subject to a price reduction equal to the reduction factor of the withdrawn horse, provided that reduction factor is 2.5% or greater. For example, an open bet at odds of 6 subject to a 20% reduction would be adjusted to odds of 4.8.

3.6. In the “Place” market, reductions will be made to the potential winnings on the bet rather than the entire price. For example, an open bet at odds of 6 subject to a 20% reduction would become 5.0.

3.7. Non-runners will be removed from the relevant market in the order that PocketBet becomes aware of them. If PocketBet becomes aware of multiple non-runners at the same time, it will remove the non-runners in racecard order.

3.8. If a runner is not included in a market because of an error or because of incorrect information regarding the runner’s participation and that runner has a reduction factor of 2.5% or less in the win market, PocketBet reserves the right to introduce the missing runner into the market at any time prior to settlement. In such circumstances all bets will stand. However if the missing runner has a reduction factor of greater than 2.5%, all bets will be void and a new market will be formed.

4.0. Dead Heat

4.1. A Dead Heat result occurs when there are more winners than expected. When this happens, the winnings made and losses incurred by users are reduced according to the number of winners.

4.2. For each bet a customer has on a relevant winning selection, the effective odds are divided by the number of dead-heaters, thus reducing return (And profit) in the case of back bets, and reducing liability in the case of lay bets.

4.3. For example, a customer places a £50 back bet at odds of 5.0 on a horse. That result of the race is a dead heat for first place between the customer's horse and one other. The customer's odds of 5 are divided by the number of dead heaters (2) giving effective odds of 2.5. This is multiplied by their stake to give their total return of £125. The customer's profit is therefore £75 (£125 retun less £50 original stake).

4.4. In the same example above, if a customer had placed a £50 lay bet at odds of 5.0 on that horse and the result was a dead heat between that horse and one other, the same process is applied. The customer's odds of 5 are divided by the number of dead heaters (2) giving effective odds of 2.5. Their liability on this is therefore £50 * (2.5 - 1) = £75. The customer's loss is therefore £75.

5.0. Football Rules

5.1. Football bets apply to Full Time according to the match officials plus any stoppage time. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs are not included.

5.2. If a match is postponed and PocketBet believes it will not start before 23:59 local time on the scheduled date, all unsettled bets will be void.

5.3. For major tournaments (such as the World Cup), if a game is delayed beyond midnight local time, all bets will stand as long as the game is played to a finish within 72 hours.

5.4. If a match starts but is later abandoned and does not complete by midnight local time on the day it is scheduled, all undetermined bets will be void.

5.5. If the venue of a match is changed to the opponent's ground, all bets will be void. Notwithstanding this, in major international tournaments, as determined by PocketBet, all venues will be deemed neutral.

5.6. For friendly matches, if the match starts but is later abandoned or postponed and is not completed within three days of the scheduled start date, all bets will be void except for those on markets which have been unconditionally determined. In the case of ambiguity over the official result from match officials, the outcome will be determined by PocketBet acting reasonably.

5.7. If an official fixture lists different team details to those listed on the PocketBet website (for example, the team name, reserves, age group, gender, etc), then all bets matched on the affected markets will be void. In all other cases, bets will stand (including instances where a team name is listed without specifying the term 'XI' in the name). If an official fixture is shown on the PocketBet website under an incorrect competition name, then PocketBet reserves the right to void all bets matched on the affected markets.

5.8. Fixtures that are rearranged before the scheduled kick off date will not be considered postponed an all bets will stand, provided it is rescheduled within 72 hours of the original kickoff time.

5.9. If PocketBet does not suspend a market on time for the occurrence of a material event (for example, a goal being scored, a player being sent off, or a penalty being awarded), PocketBet reserves the right to void bets matched after the event occurred. This may take place retroactively once a game is completed.

5.10. Additional Time options may be available. These will be provided at the discretion of PocketBet and will be distinctly identified as Extra Time or ET markets.

5.11. Bets on halftime markets, such as the Half-Time Result, are determined by the match's outcome at half-time, including any injury and stoppage time. These bets will remain valid even if the game is later abandoned or postponed after the halftime period.

5.12. First Goalscorer markets apply solely to the initial 90 minutes of gameplay, encompassing stoppage time but excluding extra time and penalty shootouts. Bets will be invalidated for any player who doesn't participate in the match or enters as a substitute after the first goal is scored. Own goals are not factored into settlement calculations. It's possible that players may be added to these markets after the market opens. Settlements will align with the goalscorer information provided on premierleague.com, with no consideration for later appeals or rulings.

5.13. In the listings, the term 'BTTS' stands for Both Teams to Score.

5.14. Regarding Accumulator bets, if one or more matches within the accumulator are either postponed or abandoned, the remaining legs of the accumulator will still be considered valid and stand.

5.15. In Anytime Goalscorer/Assist/Red Card/Booking or similar markets, a player is considered active if they participate on the field at any point during the 90 minutes of play. Unless specified otherwise, these bets are applicable solely to the initial 90 minutes of the match.

5.16. In a market that offers selections for player shots/shots on target, any bets made on players who do not participate in the match will be invalidated, and the entire market will be voided. A player is considered a participant if they enter the game at any moment during the 90 minutes of play, including injury time.

5.17. If a shots on target bet or assists bet necessitates that two or more players collectively achieve a specific target, for instance, Player A and Player B having a combined total of 2 shots on target, the bet will be considered valid as long as at least one of the designated players enters the field of play. However, if neither of the specified players participates in the match, the bet will be voided.

5.18. If a shots on target or assists bet necessitates that two or more players individually achieve a specific target (for example, Player A and Player B each having 2 shots on target), both players must participate in the game for the bet to be valid. If one of the designated players plays no part in the game, the bet will be voided.

5.19. An assist is characterized by the last touch, such as a pass, a pass-come-shot, or any other form of contact with the ball, that directly contributes to the player receiving the ball scoring a goal.

5.20. If the final touch, as previously defined, is deflected by an opposing player, the player who initiated the action is credited with an assist only if it's evident that the receiving player was the intended recipient of the touch before the deflection occurred.

5.21. In situations where a shot on goal is either blocked by an opposing player, saved by a goalkeeper, or hits the woodwork, and a goal is then scored directly from the rebound, an assist is awarded for the action that led to that goal.

5.22. If a player takes a shot or makes a pass that results in an opposing player inadvertently putting the ball into their own net (an Own Goal), the attacking player is credited with an assist.

5.23. In the case of a penalty or a free-kick, the player who wins the penalty or free-kick (by drawing a foul or causing a handball) is given an assist if a goal is directly scored from the resulting set-piece. However, if the same player takes the penalty or free-kick themselves and scores, no assist is awarded in this scenario.

5.24. A foul is defined as any violation of the rules that is penalized as foul play by the referee. To award a foul, play must be halted, and a free kick must be granted. If the referee initially allows play to continue (plays advantage) and subsequently issues a yellow card once the ball is out of play, this does not count as a foul because a free kick was not awarded at the moment of the foul.

5.25. It's important to note that offsides and other actions that lead to indirect free kicks are not considered fouls for the purpose of these definitions.

5.26. Specials markets are only valid until the event start time. Any bets made after the event start time will be void.

6.0 Specials

6.1 If any of the individual games or players in a Special don't take part according to the sports rules, the special will be considered void, and all bets will be refunded.

6.2 Unless indicated otherwise, standard rules of play apply to each respective sport.

Version 1.3 Last modified: 21st Nov 2023