PocketBet’s Terms and Conditions

PocketBet is a betting intermediary. It is not a bookmaker and does not itself place or lay any bets on this website. PocketBet provides a platform on the site through which users can back or lay bets offered by third party Market Makers. PocketBet acts solely as a facilitator; it does not act as a counterparty to any bets made on this website. We advise all of our customers to review the ‘Betting Rules’ and ‘Sport Specific Betting Rules’ sections of our website as well as the terms and conditions below.

1. Introduction

1.1. PocketBet is the trading name of PocketBet Limited. PocketBet Limited is registered in Gibraltar, under registration number 122370. Accordingly, any reference to PocketBet shall be construed as constituting a reference to PocketBet Limited.

1.2. PocketBet is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under license number 60523. For customers registered in the United Kingdom, the service is licensed and regulated by the UK licence.

1.3. PocketBet’s platform is designed and maintained by PocketBet Limited.

1.4. The contractual relationship between the registered user (also known as “account holder”, “you”, “your”, “customer”, “client, “trader”, “user”) and PocketBet is governed by this document (“Terms and Conditions”) and by the Laws of England and Wales.

1.5. By registering an account with PocketBet you are entering into a legally binding agreement with us which incorporates all of these Terms and Conditions including the Betting Rules, and that agreement will continue throughout your continued use of our services.

1.6. PocketBet reserves the right to alter or change these terms and conditions and the Betting Rules at any time.

1.7. Any change to PocketBet’s terms and conditions will be notified to the customer in advance or at the earliest reasonable opportunity. You as the registered user reserve the right to accept and proceed or decline and cease to use PocketBet’s services upon notification of such changes. Customers will be notified by popup.

1.8. Should you no longer wish to use PocketBet’s services due to a change in terms and conditions you must close any outstanding bets, remove all available funds, and close your account at the earliest opportunity.

1.9. As we expand PocketBet’s offering, alternative language terms and conditions may be available. The English language version shall prevail in the case of any conflict.

1.10. Should you require any clarification on the terms and conditions, please read this entire document carefully and if you are still unsure reach out to support via email (support@pocketbet.com).

2. Account rules

2.1. Account holders must be aged 18 years or older in the UK. Other jurisdictions may dictate the minimum legal age to participate in gambling activities be higher. It is your responsibility to comply with such regulations of your jurisdiction.

2.2. Currently only UK residents are permitted to be PocketBet account holders. This may change in due course as the company expands, but will still be prohibited in certain countries. PocketBet reserve the right to refuse access to its services from any particular jurisdiction at any time.

2.3. By opening a PocketBet account you agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times:

- You will not act in the interest of any third-party.

- You are not utilising funds originating from any criminal or illegal activity.

- You are not utilising bank accounts or debit cards that you are not authorised to use. The name on your registered deposit and withdrawal methods must match the name on your PocketBet account.

- You will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to PocketBet’s website or try to alter its software in any way.

- You will not take part in or set to organise any criminal actions against PocketBet, PocketBet’s affiliates, or other PocketBet account holders.

2.4. You are strictly prohibited from acquiring or transferring accounts for or from other account holders.

2.5. You must not collude with other players or act in any way that distorts normal game play. In accordance with PocketBet’s internal procedures, we will monitor customer activity, irregular order matching and take action. We may report suspicious behaviour to relevant authorities. This may include the suspension of accounts pending further investigation.

2.6. In the event that you breach any provision in these terms and conditions and we are required by law, PocketBet reserve the right to close your account and potentially confiscate any available funds. Such funds may be held pending instruction from a legal authority.

2.7. It is your responsibility to verify that when opening an account and conducting business with PocketBet, that you are not breaching any applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

2.8. All information submitted during the account registration process must be accurate. This information includes, but is not limited to; your full name as per official identity documents, your current full residential address, your date of birth, and your personal email address/phone number. Should any information change, you agree to notify us at the earliest opportunity, and at the latest prior to any further betting activity.

2.9. Only one account is allowed per person and must be opened by you personally.

2.10. All accounts are opened in and all transactions are made in GBP (Great British Pounds).

2.11. PocketBet is not a financial institution and there will be no interest paid on any funds held in your account.

2.12. It is your responsibility to keep track of winnings and report them to the appropriate authorities for taxation purposes if this applies.

2.13. Login and account details should be kept confidential. Treat them as you would your personal bank details. You remain solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of your account.

2.14. In the future, we may choose to allow third-party applications to connect to PocketBet. You should be aware that this may in turn not display full information about your account or betting activity.

2.15. If a bet is placed using your account, the bet will be considered to have been made by you and therefore once accepted by us, it shall be considered valid unless it contravenes any other term.

2.16. PocketBet reserves the right to examine and confirm your identity beyond the minimal requirement laid out by regulatory bodies. PocketBet has made efforts to streamline such checks where possible, dealing with authorised and secure third parties, but very occasionally PocketBet may request that documentation proving your identity and residency is provided. PocketBet may suspend the account and all account functionality, until these documents are provided.

2.17. PocketBet retains the right to make any queries regarding the source of any funds deposited to PocketBet. Should you fail to provide satisfactory responses to our queries, PocketBet may suspend the account and all account functionality, including, but not limited to, bet management and withdrawal of funds. PocketBet may also close the account. PocketBet may pass on such information as it deems necessary to the relevant authorities.

2.18. You may close your account with PocketBet at any time. You can do this by withdrawing all funds and emailing us at support@pocketbet.com

2.19. Following termination, suspension or exclusion of your account, PocketBet will in the normal course of business, return any funds in your account and again following the settlement of any open bets. We reserve the right to withhold the funds in your account from you pending the result of any investigation. This includes, but is not limited to, where we suspect you acted in breach of these terms and/or where we have to withhold funds in your account by law to comply with a request from any governmental, regulatory or enforcement body. In any case, funds that have not been staked will be returned to you following an investigation, unless we are required to hold them to comply with any regulatory obligation to which we are subject.

Depending on the result of any such investigation we reserve the right to seize a portion or all of the funds in your account if we are satisfied that you have acted in breach of these terms of other relevant agreements such as the Betting Rules.

3. Account Checks

3.1. In some circumstances we may need to carry out checks on customer accounts to ensure there has been no illicit activity in line with internal integrity procedures. Payments will be processed provided that;

- All payments made into your account have been confirmed as cleared and have not been charged-back, reversed or otherwise cancelled

- We have completed any verification checks to our reasonable satisfaction. Where we have requested information from you to carry out these checks, any delay in providing this information may cause delay when withdrawing funds

- There is currently no ongoing, or completed, investigation into suspicious or irregular betting patterns and/or possible instances of event manipulation and/or cheating;

- There is currently no ongoing, or completed, investigation into money-laundering or the financing of terrorism, including where we suspect that you have been using the proceeds of crime to gamble with us;

- There is currently no ongoing, or completed, investigation into an error, malfunction or interruption involving any aspect of the Services which you have played or participated in.

3.2. In the cases outlined above in 3.1 you acknowledge and understand that we ultimately have the right (depending on the particular circumstances) to void any affected transactions, withhold attributable winnings and (in the case of illegal and Prohibited Activities) suspend/close your account with us, and make appropriate disclosures to the police and other relevant authorities.

3.3. Withdrawals will generally be remitted only to the financial/bank account from where the funds paid into the customer's account originated.

4. Inactive accounts

4.1. An inactive account is any gaming account that has been inactive for a period of twelve (12) months or more. Inactive means that you have not logged in for that period of time.

4.2. Any gaming account deemed to be an inactive account will be charged an administrative fee equivalent to five Pounds (£5) per month.

4.3. Before taking a administrative fee, we will attempt to return the funds to the most recent payment method used to fund your account. If this is unsuccessful, PocketBet will notify the player that an inactive account fee shall be charged thirty (30) days prior to any fees being incurred.

4.4. The administrative fee will be charged monthly until the inactive gaming account either becomes active again, or the account balance is reduced to zero (0). A maximum of six (6) months of administrative fees will be charged during a single inactive period. PocketBet reserve the right to forcibly close accounts that continue to remain inactive for eighteen (18) months or more.

5. Deposits, transfers and withdrawals

5.1. Deposits can be made into your account via debit card. The name on the card, or any other payment method must be identical to that of the account holder. If PocketBet identifies that funds have been deposited to your account from a third-party, we reserve the right to immediately return the deposit back to the source and void any winnings that have arisen from such a deposit. Any charges levied by the banks and/or payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount.

5.2 We do not accept deposits from credit cards.

5.3. There are minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is £10.

5.4. Any funds deposited should be intended for placing of bets. Where you deposit and then attempt to withdraw without commensurate betting activity we reserve the right to set off any fees incurred by processing your payments against your account without notice should we consider that you are abusing any of our payment methods.

5.5. Your account should not be used as an ‘online wallet’ or as storage for funds.

5.6. Any suspicious activity on an account may lead to the account holder being reported to the relevant authorities and freezing of funds held in the account pending investigation. Additionally, this could also lead to the closure of the account, confiscation of funds, and withholding of funds on behalf of the relevant authorities.

5.7. There is no way in which to transfer funds from one account to another. We remind you that only one account is permitted per person.

5.8. From time to time PocketBet may run promotions. Such promotions are subject to promotional terms which will be published at the same time and will apply in conjunction with section 14 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.9. PocketBet requires withdrawals to use the same method as the deposit. When not possible, the account holder will be required to draw back at least the initial amount deposited via the same method before any additional funds can be withdrawn to an alternative method. PocketBet reserve the right to control the method of withdrawal, and all withdrawal requestor details must match the account holder name on registration.

5.10. PocketBet will attempt to process withdrawal requests within two (2) working days from receipt of such request, subject to any delays or exceptions outlined in section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.11. PocketBet will verify your identity and address before you deposit, however sometimes it may become necessary to perform additional checks prior to withdrawal. This could include, for example, depositing over a certain amount or losing over a certain amount.

5.12. If within fourteen (14) days of a withdrawal request being made you have failed to provided additional details we require, the request will be cancelled and funds returned to your account.

5.13. We at PocketBet aspire to lead the industry in terms of KYC and AML regulation. PocketBet reserve the right to require additional identification/verification checks at any time.

5.14. PocketBet is required by the UK Gambling Commission to inform its customers about what happens to funds that we hold on account for you, and the extent to which funds are protected in the event of insolvency. For further information on the Gambling Commission’s approach and requirements concerning the protection of customer funds, please take the time to read their guidance. All customer funds deposited by customers of PocketBet are held by PocketBet (Clients) Limited, a group company established for the exclusive purpose of holding customer funds, under a trust deed. This account is also subject to regular independent review by auditors appointed by PocketBet. This arrangement meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the protection of customer funds at the level: high.

6. Placing Bets

Prior to placing bets you should make yourself aware of the Betting Rules. Given the nature of PocketBet’s offering these betting rules may be different to that of other betting service providers.

6.1. A bet can only be placed by a registered account holder.

6.2. A bet can only be placed remotely, via an internet connection, on an electronic communication device.

6.3. There is no credit facility at PocketBet. You must only place a bet if you have sufficient funds in your PocketBet account.

6.4. Once settled, your bet will be judged on the version of Terms and Conditions and Betting Rules from the time the bet is accepted.

6.5. A bet is deemed to have been placed as soon as the bet is registered as accepted on our system.

6.6. By partaking in PocketBet’s offerings, you declare that at the time of bet placement, that you have no knowledge as to the outcome of an event. You are not allowed to place bets on markets that you have gained access to insider information. PocketBet monitors account activity and reserves the right to void bets or withhold funds where there is suspicion of violation of this rule. This may include measures to comply with other legal or regulatory bodies.

6.7. Bets matched or placed after the outcome of an event will be voided. PocketBet reserves the right to suspend accounts placing bets on markets where the outcome is already known. There are Sport Specific voiding rules attached to each market – these can be found on the Sport Specific Betting Rules page.

6.8. Sometimes events will be stopped outside of PocketBet’s control. In such situations, PocketBet will suspend markets and cancel any open bets in the relevant markets. See Betting Rules and Sport Specific Betting Rules for specific details.

6.9. Should PocketBet choose to close an individual’s account, open bets that have been matched will not be voided and you will be paid out on winnings.

6.10. Returns on winning and losing bets will be rounded down to the nearest whole penny (£0.01).

6.11. Rounding down of bets in line with 6.10 will be on a per market basis.

6.12. Mistakes are wholly the responsibility of the account holder. Customer errors do not influence the validity of the bet. Particular attention should be paid to the stake, odds and liability before placing each bet.

6.13. PocketBet reserves the right to void all bets where a market is displaying incorrect information or where an error has occurred. This includes, but is not limited to erroneous third-party data provider feeds.

6.14. By placing a bet, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.

6.15. By placing a bet, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and understood the Betting Rules.

6.16. When placing a bet through PocketBet you are aware that you may be betting against trading software systems or electronic pricing bots. In order to provide a better service and encourage increased liquidity, PocketBet partners with liquidity providers or market makers.

6.17. PocketBet has two customer types: Standard Customers and Market Makers. Market Makers are partners who provide liquidity to our platform. Market Makers indicate to us via our API that they are willing to accept bets on specific selections, and at what price they will accept those bets. Standard Customers can then see a single, best available price for each selection.

6.18. Standard Customers pay a commission charge on their net winnings in each market, details of which can be found in the Betting Rules. Market Makers pay a negotiated percentage of their profit over to PocketBet as a premium charge in return for access to the API and for the ability to make offers.

6.19. Slower devices or slower internet connections may adversely impact your ability to place bets on the exchange.

6.20. PocketBet will determine available funds, pending funds and funds allocated to bets, as outlined by the Betting Rules.

6.21. PocketBet will make every effort to ensure that liability and potential pay-outs are correct at the time of placing the bet, but it is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure these are correct before placing bets.

6.22. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are betting on the specific event you are targeting.

6.23. Should a better price be available than the price you have indicated on the bet slip, we will automatically match you at the better price. This follows “best price execution” practises that may be used to on other exchanges.

6.24. The user is responsible for understanding the economics of the bet they are entering in to. PocketBet will not be held responsible for mistakes with respect to placing bets. These include but are not limited to, betting on the correct event, the stake size, the price, or the type of bet.

6.25. Winnings will be paid into your account once our third-party data provider has confirmed their first closure of the event. Errors amended after this point may not be able to be accounted for. PocketBet will aim to settle bets as soon as reasonably possible after the event is deemed over.

6.26. PocketBet operates a strict one account per person policy. Should PocketBet become aware that you have placed bets from different accounts, PocketBet will void any pending bets from the seconds account and close the second account.

6.27. PocketBet provides an exchange to facilitate genuine and legitimate bets only. You agree to not bet on a market in a manner that adversely effects its integrity. You also agree not to obstruct or put in place obstacles that negatively impact PocketBet’s operation.

6.28. PocketBet operates an Erroneous Bet Policy which can be found in section 8 of the Betting Rules. In general, errors will not be corrected; only in extreme circumstances where your bet is defined as clearly off-market will PocketBet consider trying to recover some or all of the stake.

6.29. Collusion is strictly prohibited. You are strictly prohibited from placing bets with the intention of transferring funds to another user's account. PocketBet monitor such trading activity and reserve the right to freeze accounts and pass on details to the appropriate bodies.

6.30. You agree to inform us of any potential error in PocketBet's software at the earliest opportunity and should not seek to take advantage of any glitch or errors in the system.

6.31. PocketBet publishes prices and indications of liquidity on their website and app. In the event of the backend and front-end systems being put of sync, the amounts in the backend are deemed final and binding.

7. Data usage

7.1. Under no circumstances can you copy, redirect or distribute the data provided on our website or app.

7.2. Whilst every care has been taken to select the most appropriate data sources, the manual nature of data collection means that the process itself is open to reporting errors and from time to time inaccurate relay of information. PocketBet accepts no responsibility for such mistakes and will aim to rectify and reflect mistakes as soon as we are notified by these third-party providers.

7.3. PocketBet relies on third parties reporting for both pre-play (attributes such as team sheet and player position) and in-play (such as assists and goals) events. PocketBet accept no responsibility for errors, corrected or otherwise, and will settle markets according to the information at our disposal after the end of the match in question.

7.4. The reporting of information is subject to delay and the displayed information on either our website or app may be not be accurate at the time you place your bet. It is your responsibility for ensuring the state of the match at the time you place your bet.

8. Responsible gambling

8.1.   PocketBet operates a responsible gambling policy. Please see here.

9. Copyrights

9.1   PocketBet and its logo are trademarks of PocketBet Limited. Any unauthorised use of the brand and/or the logo of PocketBet could lead to legal prosecution by PocketBet.

9.2. All content found on PocketBet.com, associated URLs, and PocketBet’s app, are owned by PocketBet. Unauthorised reproduction of this content could lead to legal prosecution.

9.3. The term PocketBet is trademarked under UK (IPO) trademark licensing.

10. Liability

10.1   PocketBet is only liable for gross negligence or deliberate actions carried out by its management, employees or various agents.

10.2   PocketBet is not responsible for the external services, pages or contents that may be linked from the PocketBet website.

10.3   PocketBet is not responsible for any of the consequences of loss of service triggered by major incidents, including but not limited to, terrorist activities, strikes, political crisis, war, natural catastrophe, downing of telecommunication networks, or any other matter beyond PocketBet’s control. Such triggers could lead to a complete or partial reduction in service offered on all electronic mediums supported by PocketBet. In such events PocketBet may at their sole discretion choose to cancel or suspend some or all of the services offered without incurring liability.

10.4. PocketBet is not to be held responsible for any consequences caused by the breakdown of any software or hardware either directly managed or outsourced. This includes breakdowns limiting or preventing access to some or all of its services.

10.5. In the event of a negligent act or mistake on PocketBet’s part the compensation available to an account holder would never be higher than your available funds or the sum of the bets involved in the act in question.

10.6 Should one or more of these terms be deemed void by a recognised Court of Justice, the remaining terms remain valid.

10.7. The PocketBet terms and conditions outlined in this document supersede and replace any previous written or verbal agreements between us.

10.8   PocketBet accepts no responsibility to you or a third party arising directly or indirectly from a mistake, misprint, malfunction of software provided by PocketBet. The denial of responsibility also applies to mistake, misprint, malfunction of software on any of its affiliates and/or partners.

11. Privacy Policy

11.1. Your privacy is paramount to PocketBet. Details can be found on our Privacy Policy.

12. Technical difficulties

12.1. From time to time technical difficulties may be encountered, resulting in unscheduled downtime to both the website and mobile apps. This may leave you unable to manage open bets.

12.2. Your bet is deemed to be placed as soon as it has been processed and accepted by PocketBet’s servers. We aim to provide users with an acceptance message quickly, however in exceptional circumstances there may be a delay or not be one. In such a situation, the user should go to their account page for clarification, and if not there contact customer support.

12.3. Bets received and accepted on our servers are deemed final, even if there is a break in communication notifying you. Equally, bets that are not received by our servers will not register as a bet, and the stake will not be taken from your account balance. If you are unsure of your position do not make more bets, contact support immediately.

13. Complaints

13.1. PocketBet takes complaints seriously. We want users to enjoy their time on the platform, but if you are dissatisfied at the quality of our offering, you can email customer support. Your complaint will be escalated to management and we will aim to respond within two (2) working days. Working days are defined as Monday to Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays. Further details can be found via PocketBets Complaints Procedures here.

13.2. We aim to resolve all complaints fully within 8 weeks of them being raised, provided there are not undue delays caused by customer response times or delays outside of our control.

14. Terms for Promotions

14.1. The following terms apply to all promotions as standard. There will be additional terms per specific promotion, that will be accompany the promotion.

14.2. It is illegal for individuals under the age of 18 to gamble in the UK. Promotion participants and website users must be over 18 years old. Underage bets will be voided.

14.3. Promotions are made available once per individual. PocketBet reserves the right to withhold any promotional benefits it suspects may have arisen from linked accounts.

14.4. By entering a promotion, you agree to these terms, as well as the promotion specific terms.

14.5. Promotions are a privilege and PocketBet’s decision on promotional matters are final.

14.6. Email, SMS and push notification promotions will only be available to users who directly receive them from PocketBet. Promotions are not necessarily shareable or forward-able.

Version 1.3 – Last modified 1st December 2023