0% Commission Offer for Outplayed.com Subscribers

  1. This offer will run from 00:00 BST 1st August 2023 until 1st January 2024 and is available at any time during this period to PocketBet customers who are subscribers of Outplayed.com.

  2. To be eligible for the offer, customers must opt into the offer by connecting their PocketBet account to their Outplayed.com account and opting into the promotion. Customers must maintain an active subscription to Outplayed.com to continue benefitting from 0%. Only bets placed after opting in will be at 0% commission; all bets that were placed prior to opting in will be at the default commission rate.

  3. If the customer's subscription to Outplayed.com expires, the customer's commission rate on PocketBet will revert immediately to the standard 5% until the customer opts in again from their Outplayed.com account.

  4. Only one PocketBet account can be connected to a single Outplayed.com account.

  5. PocketBet may remove any individual customer from participating in the 0% commission offer at any time. If this happens, we will email you to inform you. Any bets that settle following removal of the promotion will settle at standard commission rates. We can do this for any reason, but will typically only do so if you are betting in a way that leads us to believe you are not placing bets for the purpose of matched betting.

  6. These terms may be modified at any time, including during the promotion.

Version 1.2 Last modified: 1st November 2023